Bridesmaid mix and match dress inspiration they’ll love!

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses

It is common knowledge that finding one bridesmaid dress to suit all is almost impossible. Luckily, if this is your wish then companies such as Two Birds are a godsend with over 15 different ways to tie one dress!

At a recent wedding at Soho Farmhouse all of the bridesmaids wore different dresses – they looked stunning so I thought I’d explore this idea more. Each girl had different body shapes, skin tones, hair colour and personal tastes….there was even a baby bump!

Lucy Davenport Photography, Bridesmaid dresses mix and match. Berta bridal dress with Needles and Thread bridesmaid dress. Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire.

Mix and matching dresses allows for individuality yet coordination and harmony can still happen. It is important to provide some guidelines though before setting your maids free to roam.

– Selecting one detail/criteria is helpful for your bridesmaids.

– Pre-approve some dresses on your own without your bridesmaids influencing and show them the styles and colours. It still leaves your maids the option to look for themselves and come to you with their own ideas but they will be able to match it your original selection.

– Know your own mind and remember that it is your wedding day. You should be excited about every element of the planning. Make a pinterest board of colours and textures you like. Have a look at mine here for inspiration.

Image left: PPS Couture. Photo by Jose Villa. Image right: Jenny Yoo dresses. Photo by This Modern Romance.Image left: PPS Couture. Photo by Jose Villa. Image right: Jenny Yoo dresses. Photo by This Modern Romance.

From a photographers perspective I would recommend you keep all the bridesmaid dresses the same length for continuity.

For similar dresses you could choose the same colour but allow for your maids to wear varying shades to suit their skin tones. Unless you’re opting for a white or black dress, there are so many varying colour options so you want to avoid asking them to find a designated hue.

Images by Jose Villa. Tulle and glitter bridesmaid dresses.Images: Jose Villa.

Bridesmaid dress considerations:

+ The length
+ Mixed tones if the dress is the same
+ Varied patterns/fabrics
+ Varied textures – sparkle or lace work so well!

Image left by Mademoiselle Fiona. Image right by Erich McVey. Image left: Mademoiselle FionaImage right: Erich McVey.

Personally, my go to starting places would be Needle & Thread and BHLDN because of their range and style! With the latter, the page is laid out in colour sections, therefore you can easily see what your selection would look like together.

Have you considered bridal knitwear for your bridesmaids? Check out the Madame Seguin collection!

Get creative and finally, if you find something you think needs to be added to my Pinterest board then drop me an email, I’d love to see it.


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