Primrose Hill Farm seasonal editorial

Ruched ombre skirt and Cascading bouquet
Linen and floral detail
Stacked bowls and antique spoons
Wedding stationery suite
Indulgence canapés
Wedding stationery menu
Champagne glasses with fruit
Boiled egg and asparagus canapés
Bowls antique spoons and spices
Copper pan with dried fern
white geographic wedding cake
octagon engagement ring
Manolo Blahnik shoe frozen florals
Wedding stationery button hole
Canapés on chopping board
Blush champagne with dried roses
Blush pink soft drink with floral details
Tablescape details and sugar pot
Marble and glass champagne and martini
Mother of pearl teaspoon
Quails eggs in miniature bowls
Soft pink simple wedding cake
Marco & Maria coloured wedding dress
soft pink wedding dress
Ice vase with blossom

This seasonal inspired editorial shoot took place at Primrose Hill Farm in Oxfordshire. Are you inspired by the season of your big day? A seasonal direction creates a wonderful opportunity in my opinion.

Using seasonal flowers and food is key to ensure that you’re not only avoiding spending unnecessary money where it isn’t needed (by trying to get out of season flowers at a premium price!) but it enables your suppliers to select the best quality for you as they will have the advantage of availability on their side.

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