Summer at Sezincote wedding inspiration with must see floral details!

Sezincote bride floral boa’m so excited to finally share this Summer at Sezincote wedding inspiration with you. I was instantly spellbound by the Sezincote Estate. I’ve spotted it before between the Cotswold hills but the drive up to the House is probably the most magical for a wedding venue. You’re then lead up to the big reveal of the 200 year old Mogul Indian palace which is simply breathtaking. What a setting for a Cotswold wedding!

Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, Cotswold wedding

The Sezincote wedding

I was able to explore all of the hidden gems within the romantic landscape as well as see the stunning Orangery first hand before planning this styled shoot. This setting is so inspiring, and consequently I knew the team would raise the pretty bar! I’m thrilled that what we produced has been featured on Style Me Pretty.

Lucy Davenport Photography, LA Bespoke, Suzanne Harward, wedding dress, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, sezincote inspiration, bridal dress and bouquet.

Sophia Kokosalaki, Sezincote House & Gardens, coloured wedding dress

Emmy London, coloured wedding shoes

The concept and styling for this shoot was brought together by Kerry Poulter, a fabulous wedding planner who is cool, calm and collected and everything you’d want in your wing woman for your wedding day….not to mention her passion and inspiration which she brings by the bucket load.

Sezincote Orangery, wedding breakfast, tabelscape, floral chandelier

Pew, wedding pew, pew ends

Lucy Davenport Photography, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, LA Bespoke, Suzeanne Harward, wedding dress, Emmy London, Sezincote inspiration, bridal dress, bridal shoes,

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House & Gardens

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House & Gardens

Floral elephants, floral decoration, Sezincote House & Gardens


For the florals we needed someone who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the number of options that a Sezincote wedding could offer. Fiona Perry brought an exciting dimension and creativity to the shoot, incorporating elements such as the Indian ‘phants’ (above) to pull together the theme and location. Fiona’s way of thinking is epitomised below, with the floral over the shoulder arrangement. Wow!

Lucy Davenport Photography, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, Needle & Thread, jumpsuit, LA Bespoke, wedding dress, Suzanne Harward, Sezincote inspiration, bridal dungarees from Needle & Thread. Floral garland.

Fiona Perry, floral chandelier, Sezincote Orangery

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House & Gardens

Lucy Davenport Photography, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, Sezincote inspiration, tablescape in the orangery. Cutlery detail.

The curved orangery, with foliage walls was the perfect setting for the tablescape. The colour palette was soft blush, peach and grey tones with hints of gold in the cutlery and clear quartz crystals.

Lucy Davenport Photography, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, Sezincote wedding, tablescape for wedding, orangery. Candles and place settings.
Lucy Davenport Photography, Sezincote House & Gardens, wedding venue, Cotswolds, Sezincote wedding, bench at tablescape, orangery, crockery and stationery.

Princess Patisserie produced two cakes, both with clean lines and consequently able to echo the tablescape and soft colours. Most noteworthy were the pink ruffles and gold bands as well as a striking gold leaf embellished cake with real flowers added. The Meringue Girls colour punch and gold leaf tipped meringues added the sweetest detail – they’d make gorgeous favours!

wedding cake, Princess Patisserie, pink ruffled cake

wedding cake, Princess Patisserie, real flower wedding cake

The Sezincote wedding look

The bridal looks were key for this shoot. Louise Seymour took the reins for hair and make up. I trust Louise implicitly, as a result of working with her numerous times at other shoots and weddings.
LA Bespoke were our first choice of boutique as they created quite a stir in the industry! Amy Chmielewski has opened her beautiful boutique in Worcestershire. LA Bespoke was a brand new bridal boutique and on the shoot day, Amy had only been open for 1 month. The range of designers that she stocks though is fantastic and she has an art of finding undiscovered talent! As a result we were lucky enough to use a number of pieces from Australian designer, Suzanne Harward.

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House, Floral boa, cascading flowers

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House, Fiona Perry bouquet

Suzanne Harward, Sezincote House

I have obsessed over Sophia Kokosalaki’s designs for several years now and the muted colours and exquisite tulle were the perfect compliment for this shoot (under the bridge water shot).

Sophia Kokosalaki, lace wedding dress, floral elephants, Sezincote House

Sophia Kokosalaki, coloured wedding dress, Sezincote House

Also taking the wedding industry by storm both for bridal and bridesmaids is Needle & Thread. Those delicately embroidered and embellished dungarees are just incredible, aren’t they?! The ideal outfit change to party the night away in.

I am Florence bridal trainers

Needle & Thread bridal dungarees, bridal trainers

Sezincote Wedding Press

Style Me Pretty

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Wedding Sparrow

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Festival Brides

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Wedding Flowers magazine published this Sezincote wedding story in their March/April 18 issue.

Wedding flowers magazine, Sezincote wedding editorial

I’m delighted to say that Wedding Flowers loved it this editorial so much, they incorporated it into their website rebrand!

Sezincote wedding banner, Wedding Flowers website

A pinch me moment when Martha Stewart requested to feature this image in one of their features.

Martha Stewart, Sezincote House, tablescape If you’ve enjoyed viewing this, head over to another collaboration with Kerry Poulter that I photographed at Primrose Hill Farm.

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