Fine art wedding album by Lucy Davenport Photography

The fine art wedding album that I offer is for those design conscious couples. Those who want an album which has artistic quality, paper and style. I wanted to use this blog post to both showcase albums to you, but also guide you through the ordering process.

Lucy Davenport Photography, fine art wedding album, wedding album,

The fine art wedding album comes in a range of colours to suit your style. Personally, I adore the timeless subtlety of cream (pictured), but there is something for everyone!

The images printed directly onto the archival paper, and can hold to 40 double page spreads (80 sides!). Paper is my thing, and the quality here certainly appeals to my aesthetic!

The square format too is as equally pleasing as it is unobtrusive.

Lucy Davenport Photography, fine art wedding album, wedding album,

The leather cover shown below has been embossed with gold foil. A luxurious addition which I highly recommend. Couples can choose what they would like – their names, the date or venue perhaps.

Lucy Davenport Photography, fine art wedding album, wedding album,

Wedding album selection

I like to work with the couple to create their wedding album. Once I’ve delivered the images to you, you’ll be able to select your favourites via the online gallery. To do this, just click the ‘heart’ on the images you want me to use.

I advise that you select approx 40 images for a full size album of 30 spreads to cover the range of the day. I will then be able to build the album using these images, as well as others that I’ll select to tell the story of your day.

Also consider if you would like to have your names, the venue or the date on the cover – I think its a beautiful addition.

Once the first draft is complete, I’ll send it over to you to view. At this point we can make any tweaks. Perhaps theres an images I’ve used of a guest that you would prefer to replace with an image of a key family member. Or perhaps there is an image you chose in colour that you would prefer in black and white.

Only once you are 100% happy will the album be sent to the lab for print.

Remember, there is no time limit on this. Some couples will order an album straight away, others will come back to me a year or two down the line….I’ll always love the excuse to look at your beautiful wedding again!

Images shown are from a sample album for Sophie & Christophers wedding which was featured on Rock My Wedding.

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