Colour scheme inspiration for your wedding day by Martha Stewart.

Choosing your wedding day colour scheme is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make early on in your planning process. As soon as you’ve set your venue, colour scheme is up there on the list that requires a big tick!
Knowing your colour scheme will make  all of the other detail decisions easier – invites, flowers etc. colour scheme, greys and green, wedding breakfast table, tablescape.Image: Diana McGregor

If you’re still struggling – here is a guide that I found in Martha Stewart Weddings to help you!

Do you have any colours in mind?


Good start!
Take swatches of your hues to the venue to make sure they jibe with its décor. If they do, you’re on your way! Keep reading for ways to develop your palette.


Consider the locale and season.
Look to your venue and play up the colours that are already there (this will save you from having to test the palette on-site later). Alternatively, you might take a cue from Mother Nature and select shades that fit the season, like fiery oranges in Autumn or sunny yellow in Summer.

Go with your favourite colour.
Say your favourite colour is pink and your fiancé agrees, does it work in your venue? Remember, the colour can be used in different ways so that it isn’t overpowering.

Play up a spectrum.
The simplest way to chic? Go for an ombre effect! The example below used by Martha Stewart showcases pink, from lightest pastel to darkest magenta. colour scheme, ombre, ombre tablescape, tablescape, pinks.Image: Ngoc Minh Ngo

I’ve put a further example below, which shows that ombre doesn’t have to utilise just one colour. How gorgeous are these pumpkins and squash together? Ideal for an autumnal wedding. colour scheme, ombre, shades, pumpkinsImage via: Little Kin Journal

Add white or another neutral colour which will go with everything.
White lends a classic look to any colour, while a neutral like beige brings sophistication. colour scheme, greys, white, pastel colours, tablescape, wedding breakfast.Image: Lauren Kinsey

Go full-on glam by pairing your hue with a metallic.
Gold, copper or silver accents set the scene for a formal, festive affair. colour scheme, gold cutlery, metallics, wedding, tablescape, stationery. Image: Feather & Stone

Give it a modern edge.
With pink, for example, you could go bright, teaming up fuchsia with indigo. With grey like I’ve been using for examples, you could add darker charcoal shades. colour scheme, ombre, wedding stationery, grey, Image via: The Little Press

Fill out your palette with one or two accent colours.
Make a subtle scheme, such as ballet pink and taupe, pop by adding ebony details (like neutrals – black complements any colour). Or, if you’re drawn to dreamy pastels, pair your pinks with soft oranges and yellows.

Colour Scheme

Thanks to Martha Stewart for this guidance. For more inspiration, head over to their website to explore their colour galleries. You’ll also be inspired by these editorials I’ve photographed. Something blue, soft pink and this greenery wedding inspiration.

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