My top 5 wedding inspiration bridal magazines from overseas.

Magnolia Rouge magazine cover

There are so many amazing sources of wedding inspiration for brides out there and I suspect you have already found your favourite UK magazines and blogs – perhaps even some overseas blogs too.

I wanted to share with you some publications that you might not have stumbled across yet.

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Some of these are available if you go to a niche newsagent, for example, I love the WH Smith concession in Selfridges, London.

A fantastic place to find these from the comfort of your home or desk at lunch time is Issuu.

I’ve sent up my own wedding inspiration stack so you can see my favourites.

Be sure to check out their websites/blogs too for even more inspiration….be prepared to be lost in wedding bliss for hours and hours!

My top 5 wedding inspiration sources


Magnolia Rouge

– Style Me Pretty

– Geraldine


If you’d like to see more wedding inspiration, head over to the inspiration section of my blog.

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