Resources for photographers

I am regularly asked what resources I favour for running my business.

On this page I’ll share links to those. Some carry a discount code for you or are an affiliate link, but each I use and pay for myself, I’m not gifted or paid to use.

Pic-Time logo


My go to way to deliver client images.
It is linked to my chosen UK labs and also has slideshow capabilities.
Pic-Time will also integrate with Flothemes who I use for my website.
Use this code to get 1 month free and try it out for yourself.

Tailwind logo


Save time and start block scheduling with Tailwind.
Linked to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest it will immediately boost your productivity and traction!
Use their features to aid your content, for examples, best time to's that clever that it knows when your audience is online.

Backblaze logo


Backblaze backs up all your data by default so there is no need to worry. Backups happen automatically.
Key to my editing workflow sanity in the summer months!


Lenses for Hire is my preferred hire company for any additional lenses I may need for a particular shoot.
They also hire out cameras too, so if you have a kit failure then these guys will sort you out quickly!

Feel free to contact me directly for a 10% discount code!

Wex photo


The place to buy!
Wex Photo & Video have always provided me with great customer service and it is where I purchase all of my kit.
They have a great trade section, second hand and brand new kit. It's also where I sent all of my kit for its annual service.