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To be asked to photograph a couples once in a lifetime wedding day really is the highest honour. I was brought up with photography and creativity being a way of life in my family. My own photography journey began a decade ago when I chose my degree path to be in photography. Here I was free to explore so many areas of the industry and landed in my chosen field of fashion photography. Mario Testino was my mentor and I learnt light, composition and the business side with publications, books and exhibitions. What a platform right? Something was still missing for me. I wanted to take my own photographs and tell my own story. Having never been to a wedding I was asked if I would photograph one. Gulp! Thank you Google for telling me when to expect the kiss...

I was sold. I needed to shoot more. At university weddings were shunted, they were for photographers who hadn't made it. It's no wonder wedding photography received bad press, the industry needed a shake up!
I wanted to carve my niche and find those clients who really want to invest in photography on their wedding day. The clients who want the creative, emotive images, I want to tell an authentic story and capture those fleeting moments forever. 
I am a Cotswold wedding photographer but adore to travel for destination weddings and elopements. 

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